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Bursitis – the stubborn shoulder injury

Bursitis the ‘stubborn shoulder injury’ Over the past decade I have had thousands of patients from all over Perth attend my clinic in Melville for management of the painful condition known as shoulder bursitis.  It is an incredibly common problem in modern society however it is one of the most poorly medically managed conditions around.  Blanket treatments such as cortisone may help in some circumstances however in my experience they simply mask the underlying problem. So what’s is it exactly? During normal movement of the shoulder, the rotator cuff muscles slide through a relatively small space underneath [...]


The stress headache… is it actually from stress? We live in a fast paced world and as adults we can often feel like we are constantly under the pump.  Whether it be at work, university, or home life we are all susceptible to the odd stress headache (tension headache) from time to time.  Normally we just pop a panadol and keep pushing on.  In private practice physiotherapists are seeing more and more people who simply accept weekly headaches as a normal part of their life and only present to us once the pain become too unbearable to [...]