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Betterfx Physiotherapists can devise a rehabilitation program tailored to your individual needs. We aim to get you pain free, mobile, strong, flexible, and ready to return to sport, work and life as soon as possible.

Have you rolled your ankle or twisted your knee on the sporting field?

Physiotherapy treatment can effectively reduce your pain and improve function to get you back on the sporting quickly, however without appropriate rehabilitation, you significantly increase the chances of re-injury.  Research shows that it can take up to 12 months for your ankle and knee to regain full proprioception (balance and coordination) following a moderately severe ligament sprain.

Your Betterfx physiotherapist can develop a graduated rehabilitation program to effectively retrain your proprioception (balance and co-ordination), strength and flexibility to decrease the chance of you suffering the same injury.

Are you recovering from orthopaedic or neurosurgery?

Whether you have had spinal, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee or ankle surgery, a graduated rehabilitation program will ensure you get the best possible post operative outcome. Following surgery you will need to strengthen your muscles, mobilise your joints, and retrain ideal biomechanics to make sure you can.

Have you hurt your lower back lifting at home or at work?  Or do you suffer from those annoying recurrent back twinges?

A Betterfx Rehabilitation program, utilizing real-time ultrasound imaging to assess and retrain the deep muscles of the lower back, can assist with the prevention of recurrence of low back pain. You will be taught how to move more efficiently to take pressure off your lower back, and an exercise program (Pilates, gym, pool and/or home based) will be commenced to improve strength, flexibility and function.

Workers’ Compensation injuries and injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident can all benefit from a Betterfx Rehabilitation program.

Your Betterfx Physiotherapist will liaise with your GP, other health professionals and your insurance company to devise a treatment plan that is suitable for your needs. These may include physical conditioning programs, return to work programs, and work site assessments. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is combined with physical, proprioceptive and exercise based treatments to ensure a holistic approach to management.

 Betterfx Rehabilitation programs can include a combination of hands-on physiotherapy, real-time ultrasound imaging retraining of deep muscle function, supervised exercises within the clinic, supervised exercises within a local gym, hydrotherapy sessions, one-on-one Pilates, and home based exercises.

At Betterfx physiotherapy we provide a wide range of services from our locations at Myaree Physiotherapy & Melville Physiotherapy.

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